Keep your home in tip-top shape with our home maintenance checklist

home maintenance checklist

Your home is an investment in your comfort, lifestyle, and joy. To ensure your home remains your sanctuary for generations, we’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist for regular home maintenance, as well as some exciting renovation ideas to revitalize your living space.

After move-in checklist

Monthly home maintenance checklist

6-month home maintenance checklist

Annual home maintenance checklist

Renovation ideas to revive your space

QUICK DISCLAIMER: Remember, for any tasks beyond your comfort level, consulting a professional contractor is always a wise choice. Always follow the manufacturer’s advice for any items in your home, like appliances, doors, and fixtures. If there’s a conflict between their recommendations and ours, their instructions are more important.

After move-in checklist

Bathrooms and main floors

  • Safeguard the appearance of your ceramic tile grout with a protective sealant.


  • Familiarize all family members with the location and operation of the main circuit breaker for emergencies.

Fire extinguisher

  • Acquire and distribute fire extinguishers on each floor, ensuring everyone knows how to use them.

First aid kit

  • Keep a stocked first aid kit and a guide to basic first aid procedures easily accessible.


  • Attach protectors under furniture legs to safeguard floor finishes.


  • Locate and demonstrate how to shut off main and individual plumbing fixture valves in case of emergencies.


  • If you have natural gas, know the location of the shut-off valve and instruct family members on its use.

Monthly home maintenance checklist

Air conditioning and heating

  • Regularly inspect and clean or replace air filters for optimal performance.

Garbage disposal

  • Keep your disposal clean by grinding ice cubes and freshening it with baking soda and citrus rinds.

Range hood vent

  • Clean or replace the filter to maintain a fresh and efficient kitchen environment.

Sprinkler system

  • Ensure sprinkler heads provide adequate coverage for a thriving landscape.

6-month home maintenance checklist


  • Check and re-caulk areas originally sealed by the builder, especially exterior windows and doors.


  • Check doors for proper operation. Doors can move out of alignment over time and may require adjustment for closure or balancing. 
  • We recommend graphite shavings for squeaky hinges.


  • Inspect extension cords for damage, replacing any frayed or split cords.

Exterior finishes

  • Check for cracks in exterior caulking and follow painting maintenance instructions.


  • Visually inspect the roof for any damage, missing tiles or shingles, and gaps in flashing.

Annual home maintenance checklist


  • Ensure attic vents and soffit vents are clear. Look for signs of roof leaks carefully, avoiding electrical wiring and plumbing pipes.


  • Check drawers and hinges for proper alignment. Tighten and adjust as needed.



  • Check for caulking gaps on the exterior of windows. Repair as needed for energy efficiency.

Air conditioning system

  • Have an HVAC contractor perform an annual maintenance check-up for optimal performance.

Interior caulking

  • Check for cracks in caulking around sinks, bathtubs, and more. Replace with an appropriate caulking or sealant. 

Clothes dryer

  • Regularly check the dryer vent for lint buildup to maintain efficiency.

Renovation ideas to revive your space

Now that your home is in top-notch condition, why not take it a step further and consider some transformative renovations? Here are some of our clients’ most popular renovation requests: 

Open-concept living

Remove non-load-bearing walls to create a more open and spacious living area. This modern layout promotes better flow and connectivity within your home.

Upgrade your kitchen

Revamp your kitchen (and increase the salability of your home) with new countertops, backsplash, and appliances. Consider an island or breakfast bar for added functionality.

Enhance curb appeal

Upgrade your exterior with fresh paint, new siding, or a striking front door. Landscaping improvements can also breathe new life into your home’s first impression.

Master suite retreat

Transform your bedroom into a luxurious sanctuary. Consider adding features like a walk-in closet, a spa-like bathroom, and cozy sitting areas.

Smart home integration

Upgrade your home with the latest in smart technology for increased comfort, convenience, and security.

Energy-efficient upgrades

Consider energy-efficient windows, insulation, and appliances to save on utility bills while minimizing your environmental impact.


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Home Renovation Checklist

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