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Building a home in Florida presents some unique challenges when it comes to battling moisture intrusion and extreme weather conditions. In warm and wet climates like Florida, water is one of the leading causes of structural damage to homes. Rainfall, flooding, and humidity can seep into interiors, destroying building materials and contributing to other problems like mold growth. Homes in Florida, moreso than many other parts of the country, require extra weatherization to prevent costly water damage.

Why is weatherization especially important in Florida? 

  • Florida experiences heavy rainfall, especially during the hurricane season, which can lead to water seepage and damage
  • Hurricanes and tropical storms are common, causing potential flooding and water intrusion into homes
  • Florida’s high humidity can lead to moisture buildup, fostering mold and mildew growth, damaging walls and causing health issues

The benefits of proper home weatherization

  • Prevents wood rot and decay, preserving the integrity of the building materials
  • Prevents mold growth and reduces maintenance 
  • Some insurance policies in Florida might require proper weatherization to ensure coverage against water damage
  • Creating a tight envelope on your home helps maintain indoor temperature, reducing energy costs for cooling and heating
  • A properly weatherized home retains its value better and is more appealing to potential buyers in a region prone to water-related issues.

Why we exclusively use the Zip System for Florida home weatherization

We’ve made it our mission to build residences that stand the test of time in this beautiful (yet demanding) environment. We find that most problems don’t stem from water in motion, but from stagnant water finding its way into hidden spaces. That’s why we seal all nail penetrations, secure the wall-to-foundation connection, and meticulously seal windows, doors, and any wall penetrations.

Zip Systems are a crucial tool in our weatherization arsenal. For the past eight years, we’ve exclusively relied on the Zip Systems weather-resistant envelope, and for good reason. Its pre-coated, waterproof barrier and taped joints ensure a tight seal, preventing any potential weak spots that could allow moisture to seep in. We go beyond the minimum requirements for proper installation and seal nail penetrations at four feet and downward to protect against splash-up during heavy rains. We also seal the join between the foundation and the exterior wall. 

Why the Zip System?

  • Replaces traditional house wrap, providing advanced sheathing and tape for superior moisture protection during construction
  • Offers increased durability, weather resistance, and energy efficiency compared to standard house wrap
  • Ensures airtightness, reducing drafts and air leakage, resulting in improved energy efficiency and lower utility costs
  • Offers an easy-to-install system that surpasses traditional methods, saving time and labor during the building process
  • Backed by a 30-year limited warranty, guaranteeing long-lasting strength and protection for homes against potential issues
  • Installing the Zip System as a secondary underlayment for your roof can earn you significant discounts with some insurance companies

Extra protection for coastal living

Many of the homes we build are near the ocean or marshes, both of which bring their own challenges—including salt wash and rough storms. For these areas, we recommend using a drainage plane material. This ingenious solution creates an air gap between the siding and sheathing, ensuring that any water that sneaks behind the siding flows harmlessly past, safeguarding your home from potential damage.

In Florida, we won’t build without proper weatherization 

Weatherizing a home in Florida isn’t just about preparing for the worst; it’s about creating a safe, efficient building environment, and a comfortable, durable home that can withstand the worst of Florida’s wet weather conditions. 
At John Merrill Homes, we’re committed to building better. Get in touch to learn about our 7-step design-build process.

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