3 reasons why so many people are relocating to Jacksonville, FL

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Jacksonville, Florida, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the southern U.S. According to the U.S. Census, the city’s population has grown by nearly 130,000 in the past 10 years. If you’re considering relocating to Jacksonville FL, we hope this article answers some of your questions—and convinces you to make the move.

What to expect when you relocate to Jacksonville 

Jacksonville, and its historic gem to the south, St. Augustine, is the perfect place to land if you’re seeking something easier, friendlier, and warmer (in both temperature and personality). A key characteristic of the greater Jacksonville metro is how southern charm and coastal cool intertwine to deliver residents a distinct community experience, complete with accessible beaches, a thriving local dining scene, and world-class golf courses.

Here are 3 reasons why so many people are relocating to Jacksonville: 

1. It’s the “little big city”

There’s no denying the “bigness” of Jacksonville. The largest city in the U.S. in terms of geography, Jacksonville stretches on and on and encompasses so much: ocean and beach, river and history, high fashion, and lowcountry. You can go surfing, horseback riding, shopping, and exploring the city’s nature and culture. 

At the same time, there is also a charming “smallness” to Jacksonville. Pocket communities and discrete neighborhoods each have their flavor and culture. “Such a little big city,” I’ll muse as I’m out and about and run into someone I know with a hug and a “how’ve you been?”.

You’ll find this golden smallness in the best and worst times: when the neighbors arrive at your new place before the moving truck, Cinotti’s baked goods in hand; when hurricanes whip up winds and water, and it’s all hands on deck to make sure everyone pulls through just fine.

2. It’s easy to build a business

Florida consistently ranks among the best states for business thanks to its pro-business state tax policies, competitive cost of doing business, and streamlined regulatory environment. 

Government and economic development leaders work together to ensure that the state’s business climate remains favorable to companies of all sizes, including some of the nation’s leading corporations. The state’s regulatory agencies and local governments provide quicker, less costly, and more predictable permitting processes for significant economic development projects (without reducing environmental standards). 

Florida also offers a cost-efficient alternative to high-tech states with more affordable land, labor, and capital than its competitors. And the state’s 0% personal income tax makes it easier to build the business of your dreams. More money in your pocket today means more flexibility to spend on your business, your family, and your future.

3. The subtropical climate 

The climate of Jacksonville is subtropical, with mild winters and hot, humid summers. 

Here’s what you can expect from each of the four seasons after relocating to Jacksonville, FL: 

Spring brings hot days and comfortable nights. It’s a popular time of year to be in this vibrant city. The humidity stays at bay, making outdoor activities fun and pleasurable. Spring also brings about new life and blossoms in the tropical setting. 

Summer in Jacksonville is hot and humid. Almost on cue, afternoon thunderstorms are a regular, albeit short-lived, occurrence. Temperatures hover in the 90s while the sun stays out to play for up to 13 hours.

The heat eases gently in fall, making the evenings more pleasant to enjoy outdoor dining and activities. September and October are the most active months of the hurricane season, which typically ends at the start of November.

Winter is considered the peak season for Florida, especially for northern visitors who come to enjoy the mild weather. Average temperatures hover in the mid-60s. Lots of sun and minimal rain make winter the optimal season to enjoy all kinds of outdoor recreational activities.


Jacksonville is home to the largest urban park system in the nation, with 10 state and national parks, not to mention over 400 smaller parks sprinkled throughout town.More than 20% of Jacksonville consists of water, nearly all of which is the St. Johns River and its tributaries. It’s little wonder that its nickname is “the River City”. 

Jacksonville’s awards & accolades

  • Best Places for a Dreamy Retirement in the South, Southern Living 2022
  • #49 Best Cities for Biking in the U.S., Explore Worldwide 2022
  • Best Cities for Job Seekers, Money Geek 2021
  • #11 Best Cities in the U.S. for Craft Beer, Fodor’s Travel 2021 
  • #2 America’s Most Underrated Beach Towns, Jetsetter 2020
  •  #45 Best Places to Live in the U.S., U.S. News & World Report
  • #62 Most Diverse Cities in America, Niche
  • #67 Best Cities to Retire in America, Niche

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