Beach Getaway


The story of the Beach Getaway began in the 1920s when areas in Jacksonville Beach were demarcated, but decades passed without roads or infrastructure. In 2008, the city of Jacksonville Beach decided to develop the community infrastructure. The result was an ideal location for beach homes just two blocks from the ocean. 

The Beach Getaway home was commissioned by a New York City couple who wanted a secondary home where they could retreat from the city. The husband, who has fond childhood memories of vacationing in Jacksonville Beach, envisioned a place where his parents could reside full-time, and the couple could escape for leisurely vacations.

Location: Jacksonville Beach
Main House Size: 3,400 sq ft
Completed: 2010

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Completed in 2010, the Beach Getaway boasts 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. Two of the bedrooms are master suites, one on each floor. High ceilings, reaching 12 feet, elevate the sense of space, creating an airy and welcoming atmosphere. Transom windows invite natural light into every corner and showcase the surrounding coastal beauty. 

A defining feature of the Beach Getaway is its entry tower, adorned with beams and a bespoke light fixture crafted by the mother of the homeowners. Using rope for a nautical theme, this fixture adds a personal touch and sets the tone for the beach-inspired design.

A balcony on the second floor, strategically positioned on the northeast side, offers the perfect vantage point for soaking in the sun and ocean views. 

The homeowners are now embarking on a new chapter and moving to Florida full time. We’re in the process of building a larger residence for them on a nearby golf course.