Taking in the Trends: Our round-up of the NAHB International Builders’ Show 2024

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As members of the National Association of Home Builders, we recently attended the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) 2024 in Las Vegas, leaving us buzzing with excitement and inspiration. The annual event showcases the latest innovations and trends shaping the future of home construction and design, and is one of our highlights of the year. 

The NAHB International Builders’ Show 2024 in numbers

– The #1 largest annual light construction show in the world
– The 2024 edition was the 80th IBS
76,000 builders, remodelers, developers, and other home-building professionals in attendance
– More than 100 countries represented
1,800 exhibitors
800 new exhibitors
– Over 678,000 net square feet
120 education sessions

Here are some of the standout trends that grabbed our attention at the show: 

Color makes a comeback

Color returned to the showroom floor at IBS 2024, as evidenced by the eye-catching displays of True Residential. Their array of colorful appliances, including the elegant rose gold, offered a refreshing departure from the standard stainless steel. Colorful appliances reflect a growing desire among homeowners to personalize their living spaces and inject a sense of vibrancy and personality into their kitchens and functional spaces. 

Lighting makes a statement

Lighting fixtures not only illuminate spaces but also serve as statement pieces, adding character and elegance to any room. Lighting brands like Visual Comfort, Sean Lavin, and Hammerton are still trending in brushed brass, black, and lots of smoked glass. Their sleek and sophisticated designs seamlessly blend style with functionality. 

Metals need not be mundane

The integration of mixed-metal combinations was another notable trend observed at IBS 2024, particularly in plumbing fixtures. Companies like Brizo showcased an eclectic mix of finishes, offering homeowners the freedom to experiment with different color palettes and design aesthetics. We mixed metals across plumbing finishes in one of our recent builds, and we love how it gives each space its own unique character. 

Design meets manufacturing

Collaborations between design firms and manufacturers took center stage at the show, showcasing the power of creative partnerships in driving innovation. One such collaboration that caught our attention was Studio McGee’s partnership with Kohler. A celebration of timeless design, the collaboration seamlessly weaves together style and craftsmanship in a broad and versatile collection. Displays included several bathrooms, artistic mood boards, and an entire kitchen. You can find the six collections on the Studio McGee website

Tile trends take on natural elegance 

Tile trends at IBS 2024 leaned towards biophilic design, with a focus on natural elements and patterns. Emser showcased a diverse range of porcelain tiles that mimicked the look of natural stone or terrazzo, providing a sustainable and low-maintenance alternative for homeowners. Patterns inspired by nature (more subtle than the bold black, white, and grays we have seen over the last several years) added depth and visual interest to interior spaces while creating a sense of harmony and tranquility. Sparkle and sheen are definitely in style for chic finishes.

Wood you believe it?

Wood paneling made a notable comeback at IBS 2024, with brands like Ikonni leading the charge with innovative designs that added texture and warmth to walls and ceilings. Treated using special techniques to create textures, effects, and patterns, wood paneling offered endless possibilities for creative expression, allowing homeowners to customize their spaces according to their preferences and personal style.

Our industry obsession

Call us construction nerds, but we can’t resist ogling at stylish and functional garage doors. At the show, Clopay showcased designs that seamlessly combined aesthetics and durability. These garage doors enhance curb appeal and provide homeowners with peace of mind, knowing that their homes are protected by high-quality and reliable doors.

We’ll be back!

We had a blast exploring innovative building products and technology to advance the industry and enhance new homes, and we came back from the show inspired to bring the latest trends into our clients’ homes

We’re also looking forward to IBS 2025! 

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