Lowcountry Farmhouse

Embracing natural light and modern Lowcountry aesthetics

Designed in partnership with homeowner and architect Cord McLean, the Lowcountry Farmhouse at Waterman’s Bluff seamlessly blends contemporary design elements with traditional southern warmth. The architectural inspiration for this home was drawn from the views of the lake and the desire for a modern take on Lowcountry aesthetics. The result? A home that strikes the perfect balance between contemporary sophistication and classic charm. 

Location: Waterman's Bluff
Main House Size: 2700 sqft
Completed: 2021

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Why John Merrill Homes?

Cord McLean’s decision to collaborate with John Merrill Homes was driven by our clear and concise approach to project management. Unlike other contractors, we provided precise specifications and transparent pricing, eliminating guesswork.

What makes this home special?

One standout feature that Cord cherishes is the abundant natural light that graces every corner of his family home. The strategic positioning of the house on the lot maximizes stunning lake views and invites sunlight into every room.

A feature Cord fought hard for is the exposed columns with chamfered edges, an uncommon design feature in the area, which made it challenging to find a craftsman. But, testament to our relentless commitment to bringing homeowners’ visions to life, we made it happen!

Other home highlights include an exquisite fireplace that boasts a special cast stone herringbone pattern, an intriguing stairwell fixture that becomes a focal point visible from the rear of the home, and the secluded pool area with a privacy wall.

It was so rewarding to work with Cord to build a family home that perfectly aligned with his hopes and vision.