Setting new standards for the neighborhood 

Ashdale is an award-winning home in the quaint community of Waterman’s Bluff that blends southern living with modern design. Conceived as a model home, Ashdale is a collaboration between the Waterman’s Bluff developers and John Merrill Homes that beautifully marries traditional charm and contemporary sophistication, setting new standards for the neighborhood.
Ashdale’s journey began with a developer’s vision and a desire to elevate community aesthetics. The result? A Parade of Homes winner with expansive porches and striking design elements.

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Location: Waterman's Bluff
Main House Size: 2764 sqft
Completed: 2021

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The John Merrill Homes difference 

Known for their design-driven approach, Adam and Dana Merrill ensured that each aspect, from tree preservation to meticulous detailing, was carefully considered. This commitment to style and structure has reshaped the landscape of Waterman’s Bluff, attracting new residents with its modern edge.

Elevating value and neighborhood prestige

Ashdale’s impact transcends its walls. Its unique design and style elevated property values and transformed the entire community. The proof lies in the numbers—the Ashdale home sold for nearly double the highest sale in the neighborhood at the time. Ashdale’s allure sparked a shift in architectural preferences in the area, prompting the community to adopt new guidelines that embrace John Merrill Homes’ signature aesthetic.

Ashdale’s story continues

Ashdale was sold to a husband-and-wife real estate team as a second home. We’re honored that someone in the industry bought it!