Good lighting choices require attention to both functionality and aesthetics. Along with creating well-lit workspaces, task-oriented nooks, and safe passages through your home, thoughtful lighting design accentuates your home’s architectural features, drawing attention to details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Three different types of lighting commonly used in homes are:

  • Ambient lighting: Used to evenly light a space. Often found in overhead fixtures, like chandeliers or flush-mounted ceiling lights. Good for: living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms.
  • Task lighting: Focused lighting used to illuminate a specific area. Often found in floor lamps, desk lamps, or pendant lights. Good for: kitchens, home offices, reading nooks.
  • Accent lighting: Decorative lighting used to highlight certain features in a space. Often found in track lights, recessed lights, or string lights. Good for: art pieces, fireplaces, bookcases.

Proper lighting can make all the difference to your home’s design. Take a look at the fixtures we’ve created for our clients to draw some inspiration for your home.

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