Kimberly Williams

Kimberly Williams, Design Associate at John Merrill Homes

Kimberly joined the team in 2021 and brings over 6 years of experience in the construction industry to John Merrill Homes. Originally from small town Alabama and a graduate of ITT Technical Institute, Kimberly works hand in hand with lead designer to bring creative ideas to life. Prior to joining John Merrill, Kimberly worked for […]

Susan Aranda

Susan Aranda, Business Manager at John Merrill Homes

Susan joined the team in April of 2021 and brings almost 40 years of accounting experience in various fields including construction and real estate related industries. She is dedicated to being an integral part of the team and committed to accuracy and efficiency. Susan manages financial transactions, office administration, construction project documentation, and vendor relations. […]

Nikki DeGance

Nikki DeGance, Marketing Assistant at John Merrill Homes

A graduate of the University of North Florida, Nikki is an exceptionally hard worker whose passion for getting the job done is matched by her love of meeting new people and her sense of adventure. She earned a bachelor of science degree in Public Relations in just three years while balancing three jobs outside of […]

Dana Merrill

Dana Merrill, Marketing and Sales Director at John Merrill Homes

Dana is Adam’s right hand when it comes to John Merrill Homes. She compliments Adam’s ability to bring our customer’s dream to life, with the feeling of making the client feel at home. This duo results in allowing our customers to feel as if they are family. Often looked at as our customers’ confidant, Dana […]